Salt and water are the most elementary things us humans need
Peace of mind and a relaxed body are essential parts of a healthy balance in life.
Our Health Center brings together all these components in order to create a place for rest and regeneration.
Get inspired and cleansed by the salts in our Salt Grotto and Salt Sauna, enjoy gentle massages and allow your body the peaceful rest it needs to regenerate.
Replenish strength and energy for your well-being.


"Men Only"
Pharmos Natural Treatment €20.00   (30 min.)

Pharmos Natural Treatment €50.00 (60 min.)

10 Massage Treatments
€200.00  (30min. per treatment)

Salt Grotto 18 – 20°C

More than 25 tons of Himalayan crystal salt were used building the construction of our Salt Grotto. It covers the floor, the walls, the ceiling as well as most of the loungers. The outstanding characteristic of Himalayan crystal salt is its unique structure: enormous pressure inside  the Himalayan mountain range forces the salt all way down to the Himalayas’ foothills. As a result, the salt which consists of over 85 different salt compounds takes its crystalline shapethat our body is able to absorb  particularly well.
Sessions in our Salt Grotto start every full hour and last 45 minutes. Blankets are at your disposal during the session. Please note that no special clothing is required, so you may wear your everyday clothing. However, we would ask you to bring white socks. Please contact us  to book in advance.

9,00 EUR
per person and treatment

Salt Sauna 40 – 45°C

Experience an intensive health treatment with superfine salt water mist and infrared heating on your own towel. Make a reservation for yourself or your companion to get exclusive use of the Salt Sauna. Our Salt Sauna has similar effects to those of our Salt Grotto. However the sauna’s warmth opens the pores of the human body which intensifies the salt’s absorption and impact.
Sessions start every full hour and last 45 minutes. Please note that you require a sauna towel and slippers as this is a nude area. Please contact us to book in advance

18,- EUR
per person and treatment
Each additional person 9,- EUR

Finnish Sauna 80 – 100°C

Having a sauna improves physical edification, health, body cleansing and our well-being. It helps to prevent colds and can be a useful therapy for other diseases such as for instance vegetative disorders. Sauna sessions can also provide relief  of accompanying symptoms of arthrosis or chronic back pain.
Please note that you require a sauna towel and slippers as this is a nude area.

9,- EUR
per person

Infrared Cabin 40 – 60°C

Infrared light can work wonders in your body. Ceramic infrared lamps provide pleasant and harmless radiant heat which penetrates about 4cm into the body. Infrared light is part of the light spectrum which is attributed to have a healing impact on body tissue and organs. Sessions are particulary useful when suffering from muscle and joint pains. Infrared light also stimulates blood circulation.
These effects make an infrared light session comparable to a massage. Please note that you require a sauna towel and slippers as this is a nude area. Please contact us to book in advance.

9,- EUR
per person

Rest & Relax

Our Relaxation Room invites you to linger and relax.
Rest here for a while after a sauna
or just visit to relax with one of our
library books or our Hotel Journal.

Massage Loungers by hhp & MIGUN

Salzgrotte & Wellness

There is significant evidence that hhp’s massage system does not only work very well in rehabilitation  but is also an important tool in prevention. Just one single treatment leads to a substantial increase in well-being and can help to reduce persistent back pain. The extremely effective and prompt relaxation effects through this massage system have been scientifically proven.

MIGUN’s Thermal Massage Lounger with jade stones not only helps to gradually reduce pain and discomfort bur also accelarates healing processes for a range of  health problems. It also slows down cellular ageing processes and strengthens  immune system and self-healing.

Treatments start every full hour. Please note that no special clothing is required, so you may wear your everyday clothing. Contact us to book in advance.
Price per treatment: €9.00.


Allow your body sufficient time and tranquillity to regenerate.
Choose from our comprehensive range of treatments and enjoy.
Please contact us to book in advance.


A pleasant foot massage  activating all organs and initiatingself-healing.
€26.00  (20 minutes)


This massage technique is based on insights fromTraditional Chinese Medicine: The therapist stimulates nerve ends on the foot reflex zones. Every reflex zone is linked to a specific organ through nerve tracts (meridians) making it possible to effect beneficial therapeutic impact on respective organs and  alleviate diseases.
€35.00  (30 minutes)


Cupping therapy is essential to naturopathy.
It combines two basic and classic therapies in naturopathy:
Cupping and massaging forms a symbiotic relationship benefitting the patients’ well-being.
As such, they ideally complement each other in their effects ensuring an optimization of the desired therapeutic effect.
€25.00  (20 minutes)


Provides new energy and activates the body’s metabolism.
€35.00  (30 minutes)


Do away with inner tension and daily stress as this massage improves peace of mind and inner balance.
€66.00  (60 minutes)


AromaTouch technique by doTERRA is a clinical treatment which involves essential oils. These oils are used along meridians and reflex zones of the back as well as on the feet. The treatment supports us in balancing our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in simple bus ingenius ways. It also is support for the body, strengthens the immune system and helps to cope with stress.
83,00 € (60 minutes)

Natural Cosmetics

Facial Treatment by Pharmos Natur
Products of Pharmos Natur consist of unique medicinal plants as well as plants for rejuvenation and regeneration.
They ontain a wide range of active ingredients, intensive light energy (biophotons) and high vibrational energy.
Due to their complex holistic functions Pharmos Natur’s products give you strength, nourish your soul and return your spirit to its natural balance.

Please contact us to book in advance.


For a lively and fresh appearance. An intensive, moisturizing massage deep into the skin.
Experience and enjoy the abundance of nature.
€39.00  (30 minutes)


New impulses for a genuine and fast regeneration. Fine lines and wrinkles are significantly reduced.
A smooth, even and rejuvenated complexion lets you shine from te inside out.
€69. 00  (60 minutes)


Deep relaxation for your soul and skin. Reduce signals of stress and strain.
Wonderful skin sensation and new mental balance.
€69.00  (60 minutes)


Nature at itss best with rejuvenating power. Highly effective plant
complexes smooth lines and wrinkles while strengthening the body’s connective tissue.
€69.00  (60 minutes)


This treatment is rich in ingredients, activates lymphatic circulation,  removes blockages in body tissue
and improves the skin’s elasticity. Veins are less visible. Feel liberated and light.
€69.00  (60 minutes)


This is an ideal treatment for reducing stressand repleneshing energy.
€99.00  (90 minutes)

Men Only

Fresh appearance and smooth, radiant skin. New energy.
Makes you feel full of vitality.
€39.00  (30 minutes)

Day Spa

Our Day Spa is open Monday to Saturday from 10:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M. and Sundays from 10:00 A.M. to 12:00 midday.
During this time the following is at your disposal:
Salt Grotto, Finnish Sauna, Infrared Cabin, Relaxation Room, Grander Water Bar with Gemstone water and Arolla Pine water, Bioteaque Tee Bar and fresh apples.
Please contact us to book in advance. We look forward to your visit!

€18.00  per person and day
€150.00  for a ten visit voucher
€33.00  per person and day incl. lunch/evening snack (one non-alcoholic drink, salad from our buffet or a vegetarian main course)

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Wellness Day

every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month

Get to know our Health Centre on two special days of the month:
Take a look around and try a wide rane of our treatments and offers.
Relax and replenish energy – at a reduced price!
Also ideal as a short “time out” every once in a while.

Please contact us to book in advance.


Salt Grotto €5.00
Relaxation & recovery 

Salt Sauna €10.00
Purification and acid-base balance

Massage Loungers €5.00
Reduce pain and various diseases

Singing Bowl Session €20.00  (30 minutes)
Deep relaxation and promotion of well-being

Classic Back Massage €20.00  (30 minutes)
Relax and de-stress your body

Foot Reflex Massage €20.00  (30 minutes)
Activates the entire organism

Short Treatment by Pharmos Natur €20.00  (30 minutes)
Facial treatment with Pharmos Natur’s special methods

Healthy & delicious: salad from our buffet €5.00, smoothie €3.00

Classic: coffee specialities & slice of cake €5.00

Our new Wellness Booklet

Salzgrotte & Wellness

We have compiled all important information about our Health Centre
and are delighted to be able to present it in our Wellness Booklet.
Here you will find interesting factsabout the healing power of salt
as well as a detailed list of our treatments and offers.
You can either download our Wellness Booklet through the link below
or take along a printed issue at our hotel.

>> Wellness Booklet.pdf